Merry Christmas!!

Hey Dung,
Circa 1984-85 I lived in Oakland and your Sunday night show made me very happy.  I was a 4th-year medical student and I kind of hated my life.
Now I am a Seattle doctor and adult life is good but as I say, med school was a fundamental drag and I appreciate you brightening it up. 
Good holidays–
Chris Sanford

Hi Mike,

I’m writing this from Tennessee, where it is Christmas Eve and we are decorating our tree. I am writing because as we have done every year since 1989 we are listening to old tapes of the Christmas Idiot Show while we decorate. My wife and I lived near San. Fran. until 1999 and were big KFOG fans, and especially M. Dung fans. The Christmas Show was one of our traditions and always will be. We have two daughters now 31 and 33 and they share our tradition. I have several old cassettes I made in 89 and 90 etc. We love having them and play them every year at this time, in fact our girls refuse to decorate the tree without some “Dung”. By the way the girls used to call your show when they were in high school. Thanks to you for being part of our holiday every year and also exposing us to some amazing music that we probably wouldn’t have heard without you.

            Happy Holidays, Kim and Barry Bryan  Puryear, Tenn.

Merry Christmas to all!

M. Dung