Y-Bowl concert 1963

It was a moment in time & the end of an era… When you consider what was just around the corner in our society, this was a much more significant event than first realized. Less than a month later, President Kennedy would be assassinated. Three months later, The Beatles would arrive in the U.S., and […]

2014 Season will end in June

  I found out the other day I will be needing surgery on my left eye. So, I’ll have to go through all this again. Not only that, over the summer, I’ll be traveling between Oregon and the bay area a lot leading up to a possible move to Oregon.┬áBecause of all this, I have […]

Rock around the Clock!

  Get ready for a special two hour Mutant Idiotshow with the great Bill Haley & The Comets! Follow Bill Haley through his country beginnings with rare sides. Hear his switch to rock & roll in 1952 with many pre Decca sides with The Comets and of course the Decca rock and roll classics. He […]

The Everly Brothers!

  “The Authors of Rock & Roll” series continues on The Mutant Idiotshow. M. Dung spins The Everly Borthers from their first LP in 1957. You’ll hear the hits, studio outtakes & alternate versions! Rock with M. Dung and the great Everly Brothers. Get SOME!